by Milky Milo Man

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demos of a demo's demo of demos both new and [very] old.


released December 29, 2011

All tracks written and performed by Syed Cye Husain (MilkyMiloMan) except tracks 7 & 12 (Cye Husain, Ilya Shkipin)



all rights reserved


Milky Milo Man Fremont, California

Just another indie musician out there in both the Bay Area and Davis area. 21 years old and currently seeking others to jam with and maybe record stuff - I got myself a fairly decent make-shift home studio and equipment that just oozes lo-fi. I'm mainly a guitarist but I try my hand at pretty much anything needed to make music. ... more

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Track Name: Lifted
Lifting takes time

You can't slow mine with this
Track Name: Seconds
wasted here

turn your eyes into

helping as whores fucked with thinners

it's a wasteland here

not a spot of dry water, where else

where will i stand without

the fields or westerwinds and hills

burn my stride when i'm in stitches

it's not the same, good such as

calling the phone

when my head is done.
Track Name: Braindead [DEMO]
Some say go
it's not a common way
a cynical unknown
it's time to get away

see it comin', there's none stay
that's when you get away
oh it's nothing to seem low
when you're going way too slow
and you just don't seem to realize

that's how you feel
right on

yer brainded

a sentence says to come on down
said to get us laid
yes I've learned that you're gonna
miss the wrong way and, in a sense,
talking some kind of mystery this time

missing calls another waits
but they started going way down
listening to sins to know me by
watching the sun rising up to her
to sing songs, sing soul
Track Name: Overdrive [acoustic demo take]
persuade you
to pour out of sight
someone's empty life,
tools of night and day
as we've been

that they'll meet good things with love
that are close and dying
as they go

listen to pills
some nights and it
makes me tender
all but right

Track Name: Mr. Hill Goes To Town
Mr Hill goes to town
wondering what's his name
nothing here slows him down
with only himself to blame

wondering what had happened

death ringing from your skull
ne'er coming back
where his love was fifteen
and my life's on track

tender love is safe here

test yourself when a

valid answer is there
Track Name: (Dear Wayne) Kilroy is Dead [DEMO]
(Dear Wayne) Kilroy is Dead

Tuning: D or slightly lower w/ 2nd string tuned C

Main Progression: F5 E5 A5

F5 E5 A5
He's uncertain, of his time

F5 E5 A5
nothing is sensitive

F5 EA A5
nothing to take, but my time

F5 E5 A5
holding his anger

destitute, locked in line
nothing is sensitive [lost the sign]
given all answers,
can't win the side
and it's an instance to

F D# F
nothing is sensitive

nobody's justified

F D# G

F5 for solo

Isn't it bitter dear Wayne?
loathing his anger
got no taste got no life
nothing is sensitive [I've lost the time]

got no chance to, when you're right on time
but that's a different one's eye

when it hits the stairwell!